GRHRCH Meche's Southern Dakota Styx, MH
HRCH Meche's Ripplin Thunder,MH
Louisiana RetrieverTraining-
Briarmarsh Kennels
Richard & Jan Meche
We train retriever gun dogs in Louisiana. We train at least 5
days a week. We use zinger wingers to throw birds with
dogta electronics. This makes a  remote throw. They enable
us to make a realistic hunting situation to help train your
dog to retrieve a bird.
When going to the field we transport your dog in a stainless
steel Ainley topper which holds 8 dogs. We do not take in a
large number of dogs. We want to keep it personnal with
the dogs so your dog can get all his needs met.
Richard and I are full time dog trainers. We do not work
another job than come home and train dogs. Our days are
dedicated to training.
Lake Charles Gun Dog Training
Briarmarsh Kennels located Kinder, La (Indian Village)
We have a great retriever training program. WE train your dog
in obedience and duck hunting.

Richard and I joined the retriever game just to have a better
hunting dog. But we were not satisfied with just a hunting dog.
We joined a local retriever club and learned about hunt tests.
After we ran our firs test we were hooked. Now we both run
and judge both AKC and UKC hunt tests. Our oldest boy ran
his  first dog in UKC at age 13 and earned his first hunting
retriever championship.

At Briarmarsh Kennels our retriever training program is
adjusted to your dog. We meet the dog and understand his
needs before we train him. We do not try to influence one type
of training technique on every dog. They each have their own
personality, temperament and abilities. We train at many
locations to fully challenge your dog. We also encourage the
owners to train with us. That way we can teach you how to
handle your dog. Then he can be a hunting partner with you
and also a house pet for the entire family.
HRCH Meche's Rowena
yellow female
Justin & Calli 1st place Geuydan Duck Festival
Pedigree for HRCH Meche's Ripplin Thunder, MH
pedigree for Briarmarsh's High Powered Hyldie
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