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Retriever Training
Start your retriever in training as follows:

When to Start
The best time to start is about 6 months of age. After the baby
teeth are lost. We start our own dogs at about 6 weeks of age.
But the real serious training starts at about 6 months with
obedience and force fetch. The length of time you need to
leave your dog depends on what level you want.

This is approximately a 4 - 6 week program. In that time your
dog will be taught all of the basic commands. It will be
introduced to a whistle, off lead obedience and collar

Force Fetch
Your dog will be taught to pick up and hold an object. Forcing
is also teaching your do to handle pressure. It will also be
introduced to field work and birds.

Hunting dog
This depends on the owner. This dog is obedient, forced,
running singles and sitting on a whistle. He can be taught
hand signals.

Finished dog
This dog is very obedient off lead, sits on a whistle, takes
hand signals, runs blind retrieves, honors, runs a triple mark.
This depends on the dogs ability.

When you drop off your dog you will need to bring the first
months payment, heartworm preventative and flea/tick
preventative. Also you need to have your dog up to date on all
of his shots and kennel cough. Any trip to the vet here after
you will be responsible for.
All training is usually 6
month contract. Any less
time is not fair for your
dog. During this time we
like owners to come out
and work with their dog.
We train the owners as
well as the dog. It does
no good to have a trained
dog that will not listen to
you. We also sell dogtra
collars. We recommend
you having one before
your dog leaves our
At 6 months of training
your dog will be
obedience, force fetch,
collar conditioned, run
through numerous
decoys and picking up
single marks. We train
with both plastic and
fresh killed ducks. Also
the dog will be running a
"T" pattern. The
beginning of hand

Training fees are $650.00
a month.
If you want to only Board
a dog  fees are  $25.00 a
When transporting your dog to and from the
field we us only the best Ainley stainless
steel trailer and topper.
Pedigree of Briarmarsh's High Powered Hyldie