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The Price of a Labrador Puppy: You Get What You Pay For

Tempted by The $250 Newspaper Puppy??:
Open up your local newspaper and you will find ads filled with litters of “pure bred” Labrador
Retrievers. Prices of $250 +/- they sure are tempting at that great price! In addition, I bet that
many of those “bargain” pups can live long/healthy lives and are both smart and trainable … but,
the reality is, the bigger picture you get what you pay for. Yes, those pups are also super cute
…… ALL puppies are CUTE! Do not impulse buy a puppy. This is a lifetime commitment and a
buyer should always be educated about WHAT they are purchasing! (about Shoulder OCD) (about Elbow Displasia)

When you purchase a well bred Labrador you are paying for the efforts of GOOD breeders who
are working to improve the breed:

Through my small breeding efforts today I strive to produce physically sound, trainable, and
beautiful Labrador Retrievers with pedigrees behind each litter proving a history of both
performance and health.

In life and genetics there are no 110% promises… but I feel at Briarmarsh Kennels we are doing
our part to IMPROVE our breed with each generation.

SO ~~~ How much SHOULD you expect to pay for a well bred Lab puppy? To answer this
questions I’d like to 1st put into perspective what goes into selecting a breeding pair to produce
a litter:

1) Female’s health certifications

2) Females Pedigree & accomplishments

3) Stud dog’s accomplishments + pedigree + health certification = Stud fee.  

4) The costs of the actual breeding

5) Puppy care, vetting,  and general litter maintenance

This is the question that comes up often when we are speaking with folks “puppy shopping” (I
don’t like that term but its the truth I suppose)…. “WHY are your pups priced the way they are?”

1) Female’s health certifications:

Care and maintenance of a breeding female with premium feed and veterinary care: 1 bitch can
cost a breeder upward of $600 per year to feed and $300 per year to vet (baring injury or
Heath certifications: OFA: CERF: EIC: CNM:
At 24 months of age a breeding female can be evaluate for genetic joint diseases by the OFA.
Expenses to evaluate just hips and elbows are estimated at $200.00 (for fees, X-rays, vet visits,
shipping films etc..)

A CERF exam must be conducted by a board certified Canine ophthalmologist. This is an
ANNUAL exam costing approximately $50 per year.

EIC and CNM are two genetic conditions that can be prevented through responsible breeding
practices. These two tests combines will cost breeders an estimated $65 each … plus shipping
samples so let’s say $140.00



So, an estimate for 1 breeding female to prepare for a litter based on health certifications alone
at 24 months of age would be approximately: $1,940.00

2) Females Pedigree & accomplishments:

For the purpose of this “note” I will focus on hunt test titles for breeding females: The average
expense for a weekend entry fee (JUST the entry fee – let’s not count gas, travel, hotel, food,
etc…. getting to and from these events) is $70 per entry.

Let’s say a female has gone through JH, SH, and MH titles consecutively. She would need 4 JH
passes, 4 SH passes, and 5 MH passes … Assuming that thie VERY talented female passed
EVERY hunt test she entered (a super rare occasion) to attain a MH title those entry fees would
total $910.00

3) Stud dog’s accomplishments + pedigree + health certification = Stud fee.

To evaluate potential sires of any litter should of course have at least the same health
certifications as the dam. After a breeder checks on the health certifications (ensuring it is a
genetically sound breeding match up) then next step would be to consider what type of puppies
(based on looks, color, drive, temperaments, trainability) the goal is to produce.

4) The costs of the actual breeding

Before breeding a pair, there are veterinary expenses that must 1st be taken care of.
Progesterone blood work (let’s estimate 3 tests to monitor hormone levels) and a pre breeding
blood tests called a bruscelosis screening) is typically conducted. Our veterinary expenses for
these tests cost approximately $250.00

For breedings done via. artifical insemination veterinary costs can cost up to $750.00 for
surgical but less for trans-cervical procedures. For the purpose of this note we’ll consider a
natural breeding where the stud dog was available to be bred to the female directly (because of
the campaign competition schedules of many dogs – this is actually becoming a more and more
rare opportunity).

5) Puppy care, vetting,  and general litter maintenance.

Breeder expenses folks most likely do not consider when they are considering the price of a well
bred, diligently cared for litter:*$* Laundry/water usage …. helpping mom keeping the litter dry
and comfortable on clean surface bedding providing good traction – we do at least load daily just
of puppy bedding.*$* Electricity …. camera monitor, lighting, heat source for the 1st week,  
running the washer and dryer – going back to LAUNDRY ;) - *$* Added dog food expense: a dam
(who would typically eat 3 cups of a premium dog food daily) is eating up to 8 cups a day to
supply nutrition to her growing pups. Then from weeks 3/4 – 8 (when pups go to their new
homes) feeding the weaning puppies with the additional milk replacer supplementation.*

miscellaneous  expenses for supplies: such as a well made whelping box (not a “kiddie-pool” in
the family basement) puppy pens, gates, safe surfaces, toys, crates, etc…. etc….

Let’s take a conservative “wild guess” and tag on an additional $450.00  for general care.

Litter vetting (for a litter of 6) will be approximately $250.00 prior to going to their new homes (of
course, geography and individual vet expenses will vary).

So, A grand “estimated” total for a 1 litter with a well bred titled female based on the factors


Divide that by 6 in a  litter = $883.00 per puppy

What Can you expect to pay for a WELL bred Labrador Retriever Puppy????  After reading this
…. you tell me ;)
Pedigree for Briarmarsh's Ripplin Sky, SH

Below you will find the pedigrees for
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Below are the pedigrees for our dogs. When
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